We get that you’re busy.

You may get a lot of calls from recruiters, even if you’re not considering a change. When we call you, we are calling on behalf of a specific client for a specific role because our research tells us you are a potential fit for the opportunity. We are retained by our clients to find outstanding candidates for unique leadership positions in their firms. We identify potential candidates in a variety of ways: word-of-mouth, industry publications, project credits, speaker and attendee lists for A/E/C industry events, blogs, magazine and newspaper articles, LinkedIn, and our own growing database. 

We’re proud to take “no” for an answer.

Our goal, when we contact you, is to let you know of an opportunity we think you may be qualified for and we hope you will be open to exploring. If you’re willing to learn more, we continue the conversation in strict confidence. If you’re not interested, we respect that completely: we will not push, sell, pitch, or cajole. 


It’s just between us.

We’re always interested to hear your feedback and to learn about your goals, priorities, and ambitions. This will help us reach out to you with appropriate future opportunities, and avoid contacting you unnecessarily. If you have a few minutes to spare, we’d love to hear from you! Please introduce yourself, below. All correspondence is confidential. Always.


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