Upcoming Speaking Engagement: 2018 SMPS Pacific Regional Conference

2018 SMPS Pacific Regional Conference

Uncork Your Leadership Potential: Lessons From Top Female Marketers

Speakers: Sharon Portnoy, Saskia Dennis-Van Dijl, Maggie Thacker & Jill Capanna

Although the A/E/C industry is male-dominated, a majority of Marketing and Business Development professionals within A/E/C firms are women. Too often, a double whammy of implicit bias based on gender and a lack of respect for those in “support” roles conspires to marginalize non-technical professionals. This panel will address the issue by highlighting examples of female marketers and business developers who are strong leaders within their firms and have used their positions to drive change within their organizations. The session will focus on opportunities for leadership in the marketing/BD role, from setting growth strategy to influencing workplace culture to retain talent. The panelists are women in Marketing and BD positions at nationally recognized firms who have attained a level of influence within their firms, in some cases attaining a Principal or Partner title. They will share how they came to define their roles, gain the respect of firm leadership, and transcend the bias they confronted early in their careers.

February 7 - 9th

The Meritage Resort & Spa, Napa, CA